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Environmentally-friendly transport



West Lothian Council and West Lothian on the Move have produced a new set of cycle maps to help you get around the main towns in the district by bike. The maps show cycle path and traffic-free shortcuts as well as quiet streets, which are recommended for cycling.  For more information and the maps, please visit our cycling page.

Sustainable travel in West Lothian
There are many ways of travelling to and within West Lothian without the need to take the car. For short and urban trips, walking and cycling are viable travel choices and for longer journeys, there are good public transport services that connect the towns in West Lothian both with each other and with the neighbouring districts and Glasgow/Edinburgh. Car-sharing is another option that allows cheap, flexible and sustainable travel where walking, cycling and public transport may not be the best options.

Car sharing
Car sharing is an environmentally-friendly and economic way of travelling where public transport is not the most practicable option.  It is easy too!  Simply register with Tripshare West Lothian; it is a safe way of finding a car share partner.  For information on car sharing or finding a walking or cycling buddy visit (new window)

Public transport
West Lothian's central location between Edinburgh and Glasgow means that it is very well served by rail and the reopening of the Airdrie to Bathgate line in 2010 has made train travel even more attractive. In addition, there are many local bus services that connect the communities in the district and serve the rural hinterland.

More information on public transport can be found in the Public and Community Transport section of this website. (new window)

The Traveline journey planner is an easy-to-use tool that gives up-to-date and accurate information on public transport and proves that there are more ways of getting from A to B than the car. Why not give it a go now? (new window)

Walking and cycling
Walking and cycling are the cheapest, healthiest and most environmentally-friendly ways of travelling. Particularly in towns, they are also often the quickest way of getting around. For more information on cycling and walking facilities, information and contacts, please visit the cycling and walking sections of this website. (new window)

Travel planning
What is a travel plan?

A travel plan is a package of measures and initiatives that aim to reduce the number of single-occupancy car journeys by providing people with a greater choice.

This choice can include car-sharing schemes, improved cycling and walking facilities, better bus services, restricted car parking allocations, travel information or incentive schemes. It can also mean flexible-working practices such as remote access, home working and video conferencing.
Travel plans come in all shapes and sizes but the most common ones are workplace travel plans, residential travel plans, school travel plans and personal travel plans.

A Travel Plan has the potential to generate a number of benefits. Amongst many, it can:

· Achieve carbon reduction and other environmental gains by promoting and adopting more           sustainable modes of transport;

· Help the local community by reducing traffic on roads and helping to improve public transport      services;

· Provide financial savings by reducing the need to travel using single occupancy car journeys;

· Contribute towards a healthier workforce by promoting active travel and less stressful modes of   travel; and

· Contribute towards a more productive workforce by reducing the need to travel and providing   the opportunity to work whilst on route to a destination.

The council currently has an existing travel for the Civic Centre in Livingston and is working on another plan for County Buildings in Linlithgow.

Workplace travel plans

For advice on travel planning for bigger organisations and companies, please contact Lisa Black at the Southeast of Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran) on 0131 524 5159 or

Updated 22/11/2011

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