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Crime Prevention and Community Safety


Community Safety

National Perspective
The Scottish Government  have set out their 'Vision for Scotland' and community safety comes under the theme of  SAFER & STRONGER - Helping communities to flourish, becoming stronger, safer places to live, offering improved opportunities and a better quality of life.

The 3 main outcomes that community safety cover are:

1. Outcome 8 - We have improved the life chances for people at risk
2. Outcome 9 - We live our lives free from crime, disorder & danger
3. Outcome 13 - We take pride in a strong, fair & inclusive society

West Lothian's link with the Scottish Government
West Lothian Community Planning Partners ensure that West Lothian is delivering on their priorities as agreed by the Scottish Government in the single outcome agreement (SOA) and on target to meet their outcomes.  We 'link' these together with a 'Golden thread'- from the Government's vision for Scotland, through the Community Safety Strategy right down to operational delivery of services on a daily basis by the Partnership. This ensures West Lothian Partners deliver against the national objective of a Safer and Stronger Scotland.
The flow from the Scottish Government to the tactical groups are as follows:

  • The Scottish Government
  • Community Planning Partners
  • Community Safety Board
  • Community Safety Strategic Steering Group
  • Joint Tasking Group
  • Daily Tasking

Local Perspective
In West Lothian, priority areas are identified by using evidence based analysis. Partner analysts look at all the data and evidence from partners to help identify the priorities for people in West Lothian by carrying out a Community Safety Strategic Assessment which is the basis for a community safety strategy.

West Lothian's Community Safety Priority Outcomes:

  • The community and social harm caused by drug and alcohol misuse is reduced
  • Casualty rates from fires and road traffic collisions are reduced
  • Antisocial Behaviour and Hate Crime within our communities is reduced
  • Violence within our communities is not tolerated
  • The impact of Serious and Organised Crime on our communities is reduced
  • Vulnerable groups are protected ? vulnerable adults and children and people experiencing domestic abuse

Cross cutting themes - there are some cross cutting themes which include: deprivation, social exclusion, alcohol misuse, young people and repeat service users.

West Lothian Community Safety Unit (CSU) was formed in April 2010 bringing together partners with a diverse business remit from Police Scotland, West Lothian Council and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.  Members include experts in fire prevention, crime prevention, road safety, antisocial behaviour, drugs awareness, analytical provision, performance management and community engagement.

All partners are based in the new West Lothian Civic Centre.  In bringing partner agencies together physically, the CSU is seen to be an innovative approach to community safety, which aims to provide positive outcomes for residents in West Lothian by eradicating duplication and ensuring that everyone is working towards clear and shared objectives. The approach recognises that issues such as antisocial behaviour cannot be most effectively tackled by one single agency. 

The partnership works towards the 'PIER' concept, which forms the backbone of the joint working by all partners when tackling Community Safety.

PREVENTION: Activities that stop an action or behaviour from occurring, or reoccurring
INFORMATION: Data that can assist and identify opportunities
ENFORCEMENT: Activities that tackle an identified issue or individual?s behaviour
REHABILITATION: Activities that promote a positive action or behaviour

West Lothian council produced an Antisocial Behaviour Strategy in partnership with other service providers, aimed at maintaining and improving the quality of life in our communities.

Examples of incidents the Community Safety Partners deal with include:

  • Deliberate Fires
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Environmental Antisocial Behaviour
  • Hate Crime
  • Neighbourhood Complaints
  • Vandalism
  • Youth Calls

Working out in the communities, are the Community Safety Officers, Community Beat Officers, West Lothian Council funded Police Safer Neighbourhood Team Officers and School Link Officers as well as the Safer Neighbourhood Team Officers and Neighbourhood Youth Officers. 
West Lothian Council's successful Night Time Noise Nuisance Service works seven nights a week, 7pm to 4am, across the whole of West Lothian.

During these hours complaints received by Police Scotland and West Lothian Council in respect of noise are automatically passed to the team.
The team tackles complaints from residents who are experiencing problems with excessive noise from within their communities including loud music and noise from parties, entertainment noise from licensed premises, car alarms, and intruder alarms from both domestic and business premises. The team can use a variety of measures to help put an end to antisocial behaviour and noise complaints, as well as providing a witnessing service.

The team are part of the award winning Community Safety Unit, based at the Civic Centre in Livingston.  To contact the Service, local residents should call via Police Scotland on 101.

Environmental Enforcement Wardens who are dedicated to assisting the communities across West Lothian. Some of the most common complaints include litter, dog fouling, graffiti, fly posting and abandoned vehicles.

Last updated: 03/12/13

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