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Elections - voting


At an election you can vote in person at a polling place, by post, or you can appoint a proxy to vote for you. 

In the run up to an election you will receive a polling card.  This will tell you where your polling place is.  Please check this as you may not vote at the same place as in the previous election.  You do not need to take your polling card with you to vote, but it will make it easier for the polling staff to locate you on the Electoral Register. 

You can apply for a postal vote (new window) up to 11 working days before the election date.  You do not need a reason to apply for a postal vote 

You can also  apply for a proxy vote (new window) for any particular election, but you must provide a reason.

Updated 26/09/11

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I vote in UK elections if I live outside the UK?

If you are a British Citizen living abroad it is possible to register to vote, however, certain conditions apply. You must previously have resided in the U.K. and your name must have appeared on the Electoral Register within the past 15 years. The registration will need to be renewed annually and if accepted you will be entitled to vote only at U.K. Parliamentary Elections.

If I lose my poll card, can I still vote?

Yes, you will still be able to vote if you have lost your polling card. Showing your poll card at the Polling Station does, however, help the staff on duty find your entry on the Electoral Register more quickly.